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During your studies

I am enrolled at TH Wildau but due to personal reasons I cannot study now...Open areaClose area

I am enrolled at TH Wildau but due to personal reasons I cannot study now. What should I do?


Please contact the Student Affairs department (Sachgebiet Studentische Angelegenheiten).

If I take a break from my studies (Urlaubssemester), do I still need to pay ...Open areaClose area

If I take a break from my studies (Urlaubssemester), do I still need to pay the semester fees?


Please contact the Student Affairs department (Sachgebiet Studentische Angelegenheiten) as
this question requires a consultation.

Examination types and resulting examination terms at TH WildauOpen areaClose area

Due to the general regulatory framework (German: Rahmenordnung) of TUAS Wildau there are
three types of examinations (FMP, SMP and KMP). These examination types are defined in terms
of whether an examination takes place during the lecture period or outside of the lecture period
(=during a two-week examination period). The examination types are defined as follows:

1) FMP (German: Feste Modulprüfung): Examination that will take place during a two-week examination period right after the end or right before the start of a lecture period (depending
on whether it is a regular (first) examination or a second or third trial).

2) SMP (German: Semesterbegleitende Modulprüfung): Examination that will take place during the lecture period. SMP can be splitted into several smaller examinations that will take place during the lecture period. The design of the examination(s) is the responsibility of the respective teacher. He or she will present the examination scheme at the beginning of a course and semester.

Second or third trials of SMP examinations will take place during the following lecture period(s):

  • either during the following semester (German: Semesterweise)
  • or during the following year (German: Matrikelweise).

3) KMP (German: Kombinierte Modulprüfung): Combined examination, consisting of a FMP and one or several SMP-part(s), thus you will have to pass several (combined) examinations
in order to finish a module/course with the examination type KMP:

  • one or more examination(s) during the lecture period (SMP)
  • one examination during the examination period (FMP)

The Rahmenordnung is published at the following website (Nr. 46/2017):


Can I actively postpone my examination? What do I need to do if I cannot take...Open areaClose area

Can I actively postpone my examination? What do I need to do if I cannot take part in an examination
due to illness? Who should I contact?


1) De-Registration from an examination
If you are registered for a module/course you will automatically be registered for the examination pertaining to that module/course. If you don’t want to take part in the examination you
must actively de-register from the examination in time:

The meaning of “in time” depends on the type of examination (see question 3):

• FMP: De-registration is possible up to three days before the examination date only.
• SMP / KMP: De-registration is possible during the first three weeks of the lecture period only.

De-registration from an examination will always cause an automatic registration for the subsequent examination.

Please refer to question no 3 “examination types and resulting examination terms” of this FAQ for a detailed explanation of each examination type!

2) Illness
If you are ill and therefore cannot take part in an examination, you have to visit a doctor to receive
a medical sickness certificate (German: Attest or Krankschreibung).

Within a three-day time-limit (post stamp or hand-delivery) you must send/deliver the certificate
to the dean’s office (German: Dekanat) of the faculty of business, computing and law. You have
to include your name (readable), the name of your degree programme and the examination that
you missed (name of the module/course and date of the examination). In addition you have to
hand in the form “Prüfungsverhinderungsanzeige” which is available on the following website
under the tab “Prüfung, Prüfungsausschuss”:


If you are afraid the original medical sickness certificate won’t arrive in time, please contact the
dean’s office to find out if you need to do anything else (e.g. sending a scanned copy to the
dean’s office via email in advance). Contact details of the dean’s office are available at the following
website under “Dekanat”:


If I fail an examination three times, what will happen?Open areaClose area

If you fail the final (third) attempt of an examination you will lose the right to pass the examination another time, thus you will definitely fail the module/course. Exmatriculation/De-registration will follow and in general you won’t be able to enroll as a student for the same or for a similar degree programme at another university in Germany.

During your studies - stay abroad

If I am going abroad, do I have to pay semester fees in both universities ?Open areaClose area

During the study-exchange, students have to pay semester fees in TH Wildau to make sure they remain registered as full time students. There might be a chance to get a refund for a part of the fees, e.g. for the semester ticket. For questions regarding full or partly refund of the semester fees please contact the paying agent of TH Wildau: semestergebuehren(at)th-wildau.de
Whether the university abroad will charge semester fees is subject to their regulations. So please get in touch with your contact person at the exchange university.

Exchange with the Erasmus programme:

According to the regulation of the Erasmus programme, partner universities cannot charge semester fees from exchange students. However, they are allowed to charge administrative fees.

If I fail one or two courses during the exchange period, can I take courses ...Open areaClose area

If I fail one or two courses during the exchange period, can I take courses to compensate the
missing credits when I’m back at TH Wildau? What are the term dates of these course? Do I
have to study another year?


In most cases, exchange students successfully pass all examinations. However, if you are afraid of failing an examination and not having the chance to pass another trial during your exchange semester, please contact the director of the European Management Master’s programme (Prof. Rainer Stollhoff) in time in order to find a solution. Contact details are available on the following website:


End of your studies

How do I receive my Master’s Certificate (German: Zeugnis)?Open areaClose area

After you receive an email from the department of Student Affairs (German: Sachgebiet Studentische Angelegenheiten) you can personally collect your Master’s certificate at the student affairs office or you can request the delivery by mail against payment of a fee. Office hours (German: Sprechzeiten) are available at the following website (German only):